Rewards Program


At HomeLife Avalon Realty, we appreciate your business! We also appreciate your referrals! In return, we are proud to offer our rewards program to all of our clients.

How it works

It’s pretty simple, if you combine any two of the following, or…. do any of the following twice from the three items listed below, we’ll pay you $500.00 in HomeLife Visa Giftcards. For example, if you sell your home and buy another, you’ll receive the reward. If you buy two homes, you’ll recive the reward. You don’t even need to buy or sell a house! Refer two clients to us that results in a completed sale and we pay the reward!



  1. We represent you as a buyers agent in the sale of a property
  2. We are your listing agent and represent you in the sale of the property
  3. You refer someone to us and we represent them as a buying agent or listing agent in a completed sale

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